4 Days Biblical Cities of Turkey and Biblical Journey from Antalya

4 Days Biblical Cities of Turkey and Biblical Journey from Antalya


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Laodicea, Colosseae, Hierapolis, Pamukkale, Ephesus, Sardes, Pergamon, Izmir, Philadelphia, Thyatira


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4 Days Biblical Cities of Turkey and Biblical Journey from Antalya

Christianity was born in the Holy Land, but it became a world religion in the Land of Asia Minor (today's Turkey). The biblical tour is covering to Seven Churches of Asia Minor. Take your bible and read the book of Revelation.

  • Pick up From Antalya Hotels
  • Drive to Hierapolis, It takes about 10 minutes
  • White Calcium Carbonate Terraces and Pools
  • Hierapolis Archaeological Museum
  • Cleopatra’s Pool
  • Hierapolis Ancient City
    • Grand Theatre
    • The Temple of Apollo
    • Nymphaeum (Monumental Fountain)
    • Plutonium
    • Christian Basilica
    • City Gate
    • Necropolis
    • Martyrium of St. Philip
  • Open Buffet Local Lunch
  • Drive to Laodicea, It will take about 10 minutes.
  • Laodicea Archaeological Sites
    • Stadium and Gymnasium
    • Grand Theater
    • Little Theater
    • Agora and Roman Bath
    • The Main Street (Syria Street)
    • Monumental Fountain
    • Parliament building
    • The Great Church
    • The City Gate and Walls
  • Overnight in Pamukkale
  • Early Departure from Pamukkale
  • Drive to Phiadelphia, It will take 1 hour and 20 minutes.
  • Visit Church of Philadelphia
  • Then drive to Sardes. It will take about 50 minutes.
  • Sardes ancient City
  • Roman Gymnasium
  • Jewish Temple
  • Main Street
  • Shops
  • The Church of Sardes
  • The Temple of Artemis
  • After the lunch break we will drive about 1 hour and 45 minutes to Thyatira
  • Visit The church of Thyatira. Drive to Bergama-Overnight and dinner in Bergama
  • Drive to Bergama City Center
  • Red Basilica
  • Pergamon Acropolis
  • Temple of Zeus
  • The Temple of Athena
  • The Library of Pergamon
  • Grand Theatre of Pergamon
  • Arsenals
  • Gymnasium
  • The Temple of Trojan
  • Local Lunch in Pergamon
  • Drive to Izmir (Smyrna)
  • Visit Agora of Izmir
  • St.Polycarp Church
  • Drive to Kusadasi for overnight
  • Pick up From Kusadasi or Selcuk Hotels
  • Drive to Ephesus, It takes about 20 minutes
  • The House of Virgin Mary
  • The Church of St. John
  • Isabey Mosque
  • Selcuk Castle
  • The Temple of Artemis (Diana)
  • Ephesus Ancient Ruin (the things to see in the ancient city of Ephesus)
    • Odeon
    • Roman Bath
    • State Agora
    • Prytaneum (Town Hall)
    • The Temple of Domitian
    • Relief of Niki
    • The Monument of Memmius
    • Relief of Medicine
    • Hercules Gate
    • Relief of Hermes
    • The Public Toilet
    • Relief of Pharmacy
    • The Fountain of Trajan
    • Scholastica Bath
    • Terrace Houses
    • The Temple of Hadrian
    • Marble Street
    • The Library of Celcius
    • Brothel
    • The Commercial Agora
    • Foot Print
    • Grand Theatre,
    • Arcadian Street
    • Virgin Mary Church (Church of Council)
    • Vedius Gymnasium
    • The Stadium

You will be picked up from Hotels in Antalya. Then drive to Pamukkale; The journey from Kusadasi to Pamukkale is 236 km/146,6 miles and will take around 3.30 hours, but there shall be stop-off-breaks along the way so you can stretch your legs and grab some refreshments. Be sure to watch out the window as you can see some of the most beautiful scenery along the way, so keep your eyes peeled on the route. Also , your local tour guide will give you lots of information about Pamukkale travertines, Cleopatra’s pool, and Hierapolis during your journey. Also, your local tour guide will hand you your Pamukkale map, Hierapolis Map, and a Turkey Map to keep throughout your Pamukkale tour.

Arrival at Pamukkale. First, we will have a lunch break at one of the local restaurants. After the lunch break, you visit Laodicea, one of the seven churches of Asia mentioned in the Book of Revelation. The seventh one is the Laodicea Church. For institutional archaeology, it is critical to detect, restore and protect the church, which dates back to the period of Constantine. Its many buildings include a stadium, baths, temples, a gymnasium, theatres, and a bouleuterion (Senate House). On the eastern side, the line of the ancient wall may be distinctly traced, with the Ephesus gate’s remains; streets traverse the town, flanked by colonnades and numerous pedestals. North of the city and towards the Lycus are many sarcophagi, with their covers lying near them, partly embedded in the ground, and all having been long since rifled.

Then we will drive to snow-white travertine pools and terraces. Pamukkale is in Aegean Turkey, also called the “Cotton Castle” because of the white cotton appearance of the mineral bath spas that abound the province, which is rich in calcium. Known as a “spa town” since the Roman era, tourists travel to Pamukkale to relax in the various spas' warm, soothing, and therapeutic waters. Hierapolis, or “Holy City,” was evangelized by Paul and Epaphras. Also, the Apostle Philip lived and was buried here. What makes Hierapolis different from most places on Earth is that it is built on land, neither on water, but on limestone deposits above the mineral springs in the area. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the ruins littered throughout the city, including the graveyard that houses the sarcophagi of important ancient figures like Marcus Aurelius. At the end of the tour, we drive to the hotel overnight at Pamukkale.

After breakfast at the Hotel at Pamukkale, We will drive to Alasehir (Philadelphia), Philadelphia, our first stop. Christ told those who overcame that he would write upon them, "The name of my god and the name of the city of my God, which is New Jerusalem." You also see an ancient Wall and Byzantine Basilica. Then, you visit Sardis; the first coins were minted here. You will be impressed by the massive measure of the Temple of Artemis, Marble Royal Road, Gymnasium, and Synagogue. Thyatira is the last day's visit; we drive to Akhisar to visit Thyatira, which was once a busy trading center. One of the Seven Churches mentioned in At the end of the tour, we drive to Pergamon (Bergama) and stay overnight.

After breakfast, we will drive to Pergamon Acropolis, the Great Theatre, the Altar of Zeus, and the Red Basilica; Bergama will be the most unforgettable experience. (The once pagan temple later converted to the Christian church) Next, we visit the Asclepion, the famous medical center of Antiquity. After lunch, we will continue to Izmir (Smyrna); The church of Smyrna suffered amid prosperity as it refused to be dedicated to the Roman Empire. It was the home of the great bishop of the second century, Polycarp, who was burned alive at the age of 86. After Smyrna, we go to Ephesus, Overnight and have dinner in Kusadasi.

After breakfast at the hotel, we drive to Selcuk town to visit Ephesus Ancient City. Ephesus was the second-largest city in the Roman Empire over 250.000 people in the 1st BC. Ranking only behind Rome, it was the second-largest city in the World. Ephesus was also a harbor city. And this big city was built only with marble. Did you know Ephesus had the largest theater in the ancient World, with over 25.000 seats? Also see Goddess Nike, the Local pharmacy, Hadrian Gate, Library of Celsus (the third largest library), Marble Street, and Harbor Street. Our second place to visit is The House of the Virgin Mary, located on top of the Ephesus and 9 km away. The places where the Virgin Mary spent her last days and the Shrine of Virgin Mary pleasure a wonderful atmosphere latent in the green. The Basilica of Saint John, as early as the 4th or 5th century, a Christian church was built over a simple grave, supposedly the tomb of St. John. In the 6th century, Emperor Justinian built an impressive domed basilica to replace the earlier church.
We will transfer you to Izmir Airport at the end of the tour. 45 minutes.

What’s Included?

  • Pick-up from Denizli, Karahayit/Pamukkale, and Akkoy Pamukkale Hotels
  • 3 Nights Accommodations
  • Transportation by a comfortable AC nonsmoking Luxurious Car/Van
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Entry fees to the sites and museums
  • Parking fees
  • Local taxes and service charges
  • Highway price
  • Mineral water
  • Drop-off to your Hotel

What’s Not Included?

  • Lunch, Dinners, and Drinks
  • On personal expenses
  • Tips to Guide and Driver
  • Swimming in Cleopatra’s Pool

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