Daily Pamukkale Trip From Kusadasi & Selcuk


It is thought that Kusadasi was founded by the Ionians under the name Neopolis of Ephesus. The most important feature of Kusadasi is that it is a port city. We recommend tourists coming by ship to join our tours due to the proximity of Kusadasi to the Ancient Cities. For Example Priene, Miletus and Didyma lie in a tidy row south of Kusadasi. Perch on the slopes of Mt. Mycale to view Priene, practice a soliloquy in the amphitheater of Miletus and await a revelation from Apollo at Didyma.

Selcuk is one of the most important settlements of the Ancient Age and is one of the largest air museums in the World. Famous Ephesus Ancient City, Sirince Village, Isa Bey Mosgue, Virgin Mary's House, Artemis Temple, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, are located in Selcuk. Selcuk’s few fascinating sights have been overshadowed by the towering majesty of its neighbor,EPHESUS.The colossal and comparatively unadvertised BASILICA OF SAINT JOHN is a good place to visit.The 6th-century church was constructed under the Byzantine emperor Justinian on the supposed site of St.John’s grave.It is important for Christianity.

The HOUSE OF VIRGIN MARY is a Catholic temple located in around Ephesus. It is 7 km from Selcuk-Turkey. Mary, the mother of Jesus, was brought to this house by the Apostle John and lived in this house until he was taken to heaven. Hence it is a very important place by Catholics.

On the other hand, we organize daily private tours(Day Tour Turkey) to places such as Izmir, Pamukkale-Hierapolis, Ephesus from Kusadasi and Selcuk.. We organize private tours to important Jewish places in Izmir, especially for our Jewish guests. In addition, we also have private tours for our Christian guests to the ancient cities mentioned in the Bible, called Biblical Tours. We can arrange a private tour to the ancient city of APHRODISIAS where located in Denizli is also recommended for to be visited.

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