Daily Pamukkale Tours From Didim


Didim was founded around the Ancient Cities in the Southwest Aegean and has historical importance due to this feature. For example, the ancient city of Miletus was located on the seaside when it was first established. Likewise, Lake Bafa and its surroundings were also an important port city in the Aegean region at the time of the establishment of the Ancient City of Herakleia.

Ancient Didyma was the sacred sanctuary to Apollo and of an oracle that brought in most of the city’s fame and wealth.The sanctuary at Didyma ranked the third largest sacred structure in the Hellenic world after its neighbors to the north.

The ancient city of Miletus, which is close to Didim and one of the ancient cities you can visit closely, was the center of art, science and philosophy in the Ancient Greek period and is located 22 km from the center of Didim. The Ancient City of Priene is famous for its sages (like Bias) and the Temple of Athena Polias. The Ancient City of Herakleia is located on Lake Bafa, which was later covered with alluvium. It is famous for the temple of Athena.

On the other hand, we organize daily private tours(Day Tour Turkey) to places such as Izmir, Pamukkale-Hierapolis, , Ephesus and Kusadasi from Didim. In addition, we also have private tours for our Christian guests to the ancient cities mentioned in the Bible, called Biblical Tours. We can arrange a private tour to the ancient city of APHRODISIAS where located in Denizli is also recommended for to be visited.Also We also recommend you to take a boat tour with us in Didim.

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