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International Travel Agency Castle Travel Center was established in 1996 in Kuşadası with the mentality of “Best Performance, Best Price”. Castle Travel Center, which has been among the leading travel agencies of tourism for more than 24 years, is at the top of the world's most reliable travel agencies in Turkey with its innovative perspective and service quality it offers to the sector. It continues on its way by growing day by day with the right and honest service policies, infrastructure and technology investments it has followed since its establishment.

Castle Travel Center operates in the fields of both corporate and individual tourism with its process experience, experienced business partners and employees, which it constantly improves with the aim of increasing the service quality. Our team of experienced tour experts traveled hundreds of countries around the world and transferred their experience to our company. Castle Travel Center sees the customer as one of the family and has adopted the philosophy of "Our customer is our reference". Therefore, it has continuously invested in this philosophy and has provided full customer satisfaction with its trained human resources.

By joining one of our Turkey tours, you will discover the history, culture and real life in Turkey, especially by choosing the Izmir region. If you are visiting Turkey for the first time, we recommend that you visit the magnificent ancient cities on the UNESCO list through us. You can enjoy not only historical places, but also natural beauties such as Çeşme, Bodrum, Marmaris with our difference. The high quality of our Tour Guides is especially evident in the Private Tours we offer you.


Turkey (especially Anatolia) is the common meeting point of civilizations. In terms of settlement, its history dates back to 12500 BC. Mesopotamians, Sumerians, Assyrians, Urartians, Hittites, Phrygians, Lydians and especially Ionians are the first known Anatolian Civilizations. Therefore, the traces left behind by these civilizations are still seen in ancient cities. On the other hand, Mesopotamia, located in the Southeast of Anatolia, is the place where many Prophets came out.

Another point is that various places of cultural importance, including historical areas around Istanbul, the former Hittite capital Hattusha, Mount Nemrut and the ruins of Safranbolu city Xanthos-Letoon, have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites. One of them is the Troy archaeological site. In addition, UNESCO has recognized two properties of different interest (areas of both cultural and natural significance) in Turkey: the Göreme National Park area and the Cappadocia Rocky Areas, known for their extant traces among the dramatic ruins of Byzantine art. The other is Hierapolis-Pamukkale, known for its terraced basins and petrified waterfalls of unique mineral formations, where the remains of thermal baths and temples built in the 2nd century still remain.

Today, hundreds of thousands of foreign tourists visit the Ancient Cities in Anatolia and this number is expected to increase further in the coming years.


Turkey is a country with natural beauties, historical places and home to many civilizations and as Castle Travel Center, we are aware of the responsibility of Tour and Travel Consultancy in such a country. Therefore, in this context, we follow the sectoral innovations at domestic and abroad, and we develop our employees in our departments with continuous training and we adapt to the era. In this context, we work in harmony with our B2B (Business to Business) Partners that we work with abroad and try to provide them with the best brokerage service.

Our main goal is to offer the best to our customers by constantly increasing the quality of service. Our secondary goal is to develop and further our cooperation with our abroad partners for which we are responsible for. For this, We adapt our company to the circumstances of the age by participating in the trainings and fairs organized by the leading companies of the tourism sector.

Another issue is that Health Tourism, which has been in demand recently, is also in an upward trend in Turkey. As Castle Travel Center, we organize Thermal Spa Tours for our guests coming from abroad. Thus, our guests have both a holiday and their treatment in Turkey.

Why us

We are the world’s largest independent local company in Kusadasi – with over one million customers, As the Castle Travel Center family, we are very happy to do our job with pleasure and we always keep 100% customer satisfaction at the forefront. In order to support this, we have a staff that is experienced in the sector and works with a team spirit, and we research the destinations you will travel to and offer you the best options. Thus, you can choose one of the options and choose the best tour for you.

You may find what seems like a similar tour at a lower price with one of our competitors, but when you compare feature-for-feature, we believe it's clear our tour offers more value for your money. When it comes to private tour and regular tour, high quality value can truly be the difference between a good tour and an incredible one.

On the other hand, the quality, level of knowledge and experience of our guides, who are especially assigned to Tours, are at high standards and we offer them to your service according to the needs of our valued customers. With the pride of being one of the longest-running agency companies, we work with you, for you, with our policy aiming to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

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