Tours from Kusadasi & Selcuk

Kusadasi and Selcuk are the closest cities to Ephesus Antique City and close to many Ioan cities, including Priene, Miletos, Didyma, Bergama, Izmir, and Pamukkale. Since Kusadasi is a port city, it is a frequent destination for large cruise ships. Easly visitors can reach the ancient city of Ephesus and the house of the Virgin Mary with a 20-minute journey, or if they wish, Kusadasi is a shopping paradise for those who love shopping. Kusadasi has numerous golden beaches, shopping bazaars that lead through the town’s winding streets, and its enriched culture and history dotted all over. One of Kusadasi’s central eye-capturing sights has to be Pigeon Island, which houses an old castle that was once used as a lookout many years ago. It is a museum filled with interesting artifacts and even a bird sanctuary.

If you’re visiting Turkey during your cruise ship vacation, you’ll also have the chance to partake in our daily cruise experiences known as the Kusadasi -Ephesus shore excursion.
The perfect and most trendy Tours from Kusadasi & Selcuk; Ephesus Tour, Pamukkale Cotton Castle, Kusadasi Tour, Bird Watching, Shopping Tour, and Bible Study tours that you can book as a private or regular group tour – the choice is yours!
During your Ephesus shore excursion, let’s not forget the extraordinary Great Amphitheater, where you will discover this incredibly preserved city with all its attractions, such as the Celsius Library and the Market Streets, and will amaze you by itself. Virgin Mary’s House, Artemis Temple, and St. John’s Basilica are the most visited places in Ephesus.

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