2 Days Izmir and Ephesus Tour By Flight

2 Days Izmir and Ephesus Tour By Flight


2 Days




09:00 am

Pickup Point:

Izmir, Selcuk or Kusadasi


Izmir and Ephesus


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2 Days Izmir and Ephesus Tour By Flight

An amazing 2-day holiday in Izmir and Ephesus! Take a fast flight to Izmir, explore the historic city of Izmir and then the unique ancient city of Ephesus. Enjoy an unforgettable experience with comfortable accommodation and an expert guide. Book now for a journey full of unique history and culture!

  • Pick up from Istanbul Hotel-Transfer to Airport-Flight to Izmir
  • Meet with the guide and Drive to Izmir city center
  • Asansor (Elevator)
  • Clock Tower
  • Konak Square
  • Kemeralti Bazaar
  • Havra Steet (Synagogue Street)
  • Lunch Break
  • Kizlaragasi inn
  • Agora
  • Kordon
  • Izmir Castle (Kadife Kale)
  • Drive to Kusadasi. It will take about 2 hrs
  • Overnight in Kusadasi
  • Pick up from the hotel at about 08:30
  • Drive to Ephesus
  • The House of Virgin Mary
  • The Temple of Artemis (Diana)
  • Ephesus Ancient Ruin (the things to see in the ancient city of Ephesus)
    • Odeon
    • Roman Bath
    • State Agora
    • Prytaneum (Town Hall)
    • The Temple of Domitian
    • The Monument of Memmius
    • Relief of Niki, Medicine, Hermes and Pharmacy
    • Hercules Gate
    • The Fountain of Trajan
    • Scholastica Bath
    • Terrace Houses
    • The Temple of Hadrian
    • The Public Toilet
    • Library of Celcius
    • The Commercial Agora
    • Marble Street
    • Brothel
    • Foot Print
    • Grand Theatre
    • Arcadian Street
    • Virgin Mary Church (Church of Council)
    • Vedius Gymnasium
    • The Stadium
  • After the Ephesus tour, drive to Izmir Aiport. Flight to Istanbul
  • Arrival in Istanbul and Transfer to your hotel

05:00 Early morning transfer to Istanbul airport
07:00 Direct Flight from Istanbul to Izmir.
08:10 Arrive at Izmir Airport, meet your guide, and drive to Izmir City Center.

Izmir City Tour:

Our first stop will be Kadifekale (Izmir Castle). Hellenistic and Roman Smyrna Acropolis, known today as Kadifekale and called Pagos in ancient sources. Acropolis Hill, due to its location, has a view that can keep the entire Izmir Bay under control.

The approximately 3 m thick fortification wall surrounding the Acropolis was built directly on the andesite bedrock. In the excavations and research, information about the cult and temple of Athena could not be reached. However, it is known that there are temples, altars, or places of worship and areas belonging to gods or goddesses other than the god or goddess of the city on the hills of the Acropolis.

As a matter of fact, a bowl with the inscription "For Artemis" found during the excavations indicated the existence of the cult of Artemis, at least on the hill. Then we will drive to Izmir (Smyrna) Agora,
Agora, located in the heart of the historical city center of Izmir, is also one of the largest agoras in the city center in the world today.

It is dated to the Roman Period (2nd century AD). "Agora" means "town square, bazaar, marketplace." To the Hippodamos city plan, it was built close to the center, with three floors. It is considered the largest and best preserved of the Ionian agoras. It is a three-story compound structure with a staircase in front, built on columns and arches around a large courtyard in the middle.

It is understood that the relief of Goddess Vesta on the northern gate of the Agora is the continuation of the comforts of the Altar of Zeus unearthed during the early excavations. In addition, besides the statues of God Hermes, Dionysus, Eros, and Heracles, Numerous male, female, and animal statues, reliefs, figurines, marble, bone, glass, metal, and terracotta artifacts were unearthed. After that, walk-in Kemeralti Street (Bazaar) to Konak Square.

Since the 19th century, inns and covered bazaars have been in the Kemeralti Bazaar, the liveliest trade point in Izmir. However, the shops here were referred to as small businesses that local people were interested in. Options such as blacksmith, coal maker, nail maker, spice and straw bazaar were previously located in Kemeralti Bazaar.

Commercial shops in different areas were also found at various points. Then we will arrive at Konak Square and the clock tower. Izmir Clock Tower, the symbol of Izmir, is the Ottoman Sultan Sultan II. It was built in 1901 as part of the 25th-anniversary celebrations of Abdulhamid's accession to the throne.

This commercial square started from the Hisar Mosque built in Izmir in 1592 and has grown increasingly. After the lunch break, visit Kizlaragasi Inn. Although there are many historical inns in Kemeraltı Bazaar, the best preserved among them is Kızlarağası Inn. The Kizlaragasi Inn, which reflects the classical structure of the Ottoman inn architecture, has a square-planned, two-story, rectangular courtyard in the middle.

The extensive tea garden in the courtyard is the main element that reflects the majesty of the building. Inn. You can visit the shops in the Kızlarağası Inn, each of which has striking details; Sing your coffee on the Ottoman-style sand or embers at the tiny tables placed in the submassive courtyard in the middle of the inn while the Izmir sun hits the courtyard from time to time; Accompany your delicious coffee with the vitality of this inn, which has been preserved for centuries in the history of caravans and travelers.

After that, we will drive to Kordon, one of the places to visit in Izmir. Kordon, one of the most essential points of Izmir, is flooded by the people of Izmir, especially on Sundays. Lying right next to the sea, Kordon is one of the services preferred for coastal walks. Cafes, bars, and restaurants in Izmir Kordon add a different beauty to the region. On Fridays and Saturdays, the bars and cafes in the area are very lively. Our last stop will be Asansor (Elevator).

The Historical Elevator is the best structure to catch the unique view of Izmir Bay with its promenade at the top. The elevator was built in 1907 by Jewish businessman Nesim Levi to overcome the topographical barrier between hill neighborhoods above sea level. After the panoramic view of Izmir, we will drive to Kusadasi. Overnight in Kusadasi.

09:00 Pick up from hotel, drive to Selcuk -Ephesus area. Our first stop will be the House of The Virgin Mary.

The House of Virgin Mary

We will pass through the verdant and picturesque countryside before arriving at our first stop, The House of the Virgin Mary. In accordance with the Predominant Christian tradition, Mary was brought to Ephesus by the Apostle John after the resurrection of Christ and lived out her final resting years here. This is based mainly on the traditional belief that John came to Ephesus and the biblical statement that Jesus consigned her to John's care (John 19:26-27).

Ephesus Ancient Ruin

After the House of the Virgin Mary, we will visit the Ancient City of Ephesus; The tour here will be a walking tour and will take you to one of the most magnificent archaeological sites in the world. Ephesus was once the cultural and economic capital of the Roman empire in Asia Minor; you will be able to see the Fountain of Trajan, the steam baths of Scholastic, the Temple of Hadrian, and of course, remember the awe-inspiring library of Ephesus.

The library is adorned with columns and statues. It also housed the Library of Celsus, the third-largest library in the Roman world. It housed over 12,000 scrolls and manuscripts in niches along the inner wall. When St. Paul visited Ephesus in AD 53, he found a sizable Jewish community there. Menorah graffiti: The carvings on the stairs of the Ephesus Celsus Library are a mystery.

The menorah was used as a Jewish symbol in the 3rd century; So far, three have been found in ancient Ephesus, which had a thriving Jewish community. The Great Theatre, where St. Paul preached, is the largest in antiquity, with a capacity of 24,000 people. You will then return to the bus down the Arcadian Road, where Mark Anthony and Cleopatra once rode in the parade.

After your 2-hour exploration of Ephesus, we set off for an approximately 1-hour lunch break.

The Temple of Artemis (Diana)

Then we will continue on the tour and head on for our next stop, which is the Temple of Artemis (Diana); this outstanding temple was built in honor of the Greek Goddess of hunting, wild nature, and fertility, deemed as one of the Seven wonders of the ancient world.

The temple of Artemis used to be the largest marble temple in the ancient Greek world since it was four times as big as the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. The temple served as both a marketplace and a religious institution. Offerings by thousands of pilgrims each year enabled the temple to grow so wealthy that it became the world's first bank.

Today, little remains of the magnificent structure. Your guide will describe its importance, wealth, and the tension between the Romans and Christians that settled in the area over the centuries.

After the Ephesus tour,

17:00 Depart from Ephesus to Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport.
21:30 Arrive in Istanbul. Transfer back to your hotel in Istanbul.

What's Includes

  • 1 Night 3-4*+ Hotel Accommodation (Ilayda Hotel or Similar Hotels)
  • 2 Local Lunch
  • 1 Breakfast
  • English Speaking Guide
  • All Entrance Fees
  • A/C Vehicle
  • Taxe
  • Parking Fees

What's Excluded

  • Personal Expenses
  • Tips to Guide and Driver
  • Dinner and Drinks

PS: If you wish, you can do an Extention, or you may request bus tickets or transfer service to Pamukkale, Cesme, Izmir, Kusadasi, Gocek, Fethiye, or Bodrum.

*2 Days Izmir and Ephesus Package Turkey Tour runs daily and is available all year round.
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