Pergamon Tour & Shore Excursions From Izmir

Pergamon Tour & Shore Excursions From Izmir







Pickup Point:

Izmir Hotels or Izmir Port


Pergamon Acropolis, Asclepion, Red Court

  • Per person 1 pax

    € 518
  • For 2 pax

    € 269
  • For 3 Pax

    € 186
  • For 4 to 8 Pax

    € 145

Pergamon Tour & Shore Excursions From Izmir

You will not regret the one-day Pergamon tour experience. The city must have been very important just 2300 years ago. The Acropolis is an unexpectedly large area with hidden places to explore. The Acropolis is fascinating in every sense: Extraordinary location on a high and beautiful hill as Ephesus.


It is one of the most important historical places in Turkey. Pergamon is a UNESCO site with traces of Ionian, Hellenic, Roman, and Byzantine. Upright theatre, the huge Trajan Temple, the legendary Zeus Altar, Pergamon Library, Armory, Red Basilica, and Asklepion are the highlights. Asclepion was the home of doctor Galen, the founder of pharmacology. Perfect location for a day trip from Izmir


  • Pick up From Izmir Hotels
  • Drive to Bergama (Pergamon). It takes about 1.10 hrs
  • Visit to The Pergamon Acropolis

-Grand Theatre
-The Temple of Zeus
-Pergamon Library
-Temple of Athena
-The Temple of Trojan
-The Sanctuary of Dionyssos
-The Palace of King Attolos
-City Wall and Gymnasium

  • Kizil Avlu (Red Baslica)
  • Local Lunch Break (Eat out and Help out)
  • Asclepion (Roman Medical center)

-Viran Kapı (Ruined Gate)
-Via Tecta (Sacred Way)
-Entrance Courtyard
-Propylon (Monumental Gate)
-Sacred Fountain (the holy spring and pools)
-Kryptoporiktus (Underground Passage)
Sleeping Rooms
The Ancient Theater
-The Temple of Asclepios

  • Drive Back from Pergamon to Izmir Hotels
  • The drop off at your hotel.

Pergamon Tour & Shore Excursions From Izmir

You will be/can be met at the Izmir port / Izmir airport or even at your Hotel in Izmir. On one day tour during your Turkey Holiday, you will visit two biblical cities, Pergamon and Izmir.

After picking you up, we will drive to Pergamon; during your journey, your local tour guide will give you lots of information about Pergamon, Asclepion, Alexander The Great, the red Basilica, and Christianity in Pergamon. Your local tour guide will hand you your Pergamon Map, Asclepion May, and Turkey Map. The journey from Izmir to Pergamon is 197 km/122 miles one way and will take around 1.10 hours.

Pergamon Acropolis

The ruins of Pergamon cross the river in Bergama's pleasant, modern city. The deep-bedded Caicus River flowing through the town adds to Bergama's quiet charms. Pergamon's archaeological sights, towering 330 m above the city, are extensive and impressive. Its ruins, loping over more than 3000 acres, are located on two main sites. The Acropolis, which looms above the town, and with one world's wealthiest libraries, the ruins make it one of Turkey's finest archaeological sites.

Extremely worthwhile UNESCO world heritage site atop a massive hill. The vantage point is incredible. It's high, panoramic views, its establishment, and the whole city complex in itself; you will love this place because it's overlooking the entire town. The theater on the side of the hill is simply amazing. The most notable attraction is the mammoth amphitheater, capable of seating 10.000 spectators.

It is the steepest theater whole Mediterranean coastline. Most of the Altar of Zeus, consisting of the remains of a marble offering table, graces the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. The Temple was the "throne of Satan," referred to by St.John in the Book of Revelations. In ancient times, only the library in Alexandria surpassed Pergamon’s, which contained more than 200.000 volumes. When the Alexandrians attempted to eclipse the Pergamon book bonanza by limiting the flow of papyrus from the Nile, Pergamon schoolers invented parchment from goat hide. The plot thıckned: when the library’s Egyptian rival went up in flames. Marc Antony plundered Pergamon’s shelves and presented the pilfered collection to Cleopatra.

Kizil Avlu (Red Baslica)

Red Basilica, which was originally built as a second-century temple to the Egyptian God Serapis and converted into a basilica during to Byzantine Empire.

After Red court visit, it will be Lunch time. Our goal is to help the local economy, whose business has been affected during the Covid-19 period, "Eat out and Help Out." At the same time, it is a great opportunity for our guests to taste local dishes in the countryside. After lunch a short drive to Asclepion.

Asclepion (Medical Center)

Under the direction of Galen, the most famous physician of the Roman Empire, Pergamon became the center of the cult of Asclepius, the Greek demi-god of healing and eponym of the Asclepion, which was both a temple and place of healing. Allegedly, no patient left here unhealed, though undoubtedly, many were rushed out the back door in the throes of death. An impressive portion of the Asclepion remains, including a marble colonnade street, a theater, a library, a natural spring, and healing rooms.

After the Pergamon sightseeing tour, we will drive from Pergamon to Izmir. It is 107 km/66,4 miles one way and will take around 1.10 hours. Arrive in Izmir and drop off your hotel.

What’s Included?

-English-speaking tour guide during the tours

-Transport by Air-Conditioned Vehicle

-Parking Fees

-Local taxes and service charges

What’s Not Included?

-Personal expenses and Gratuities.

-Lunch and drinks

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