Pamukkale Private Tours From Kusadasi & Selcuk-Turkey

Pamukkale Private Tours From Kusadasi & Selcuk-Turkey


10 hrs


Kusadasi or Selcuk Turkey


08:00 am

Pickup Point:

Kusadasi or Selcuk


Cotton Castle Travertines Terraces, Calcium Pools, Pamukkale Celopatra’s Pool and Hierapolis Ancient Ruins.


Regular Price:

€ 220 for 2 Pax / € 300 for 4 pax


"Pamukkale translates to 'Cotton Castle'... Once you get here, it's easy to see why. This natural phenomenon; designated a UNESCO Heritage site in 1988, with spectacular white calcium cliffs and beautiful turquoise blue pools is truly a sight to behold. Pamukkale is like an alien landscape, you have never seen anything like it before".


  • Pick up From Hotels
  • Open Buffet Lunch (Drinks Extra)
  • Hierapolis Ancient Ruins
  • Hierapolis Archaeological Museum
  • Cleopatra’s Pool
  • Cotton Castle Travertines Terraces, Calcium Pools,
  • Drop Off Your Hotels.

PS: Do not forget to bring your towel and bathing suit. Also, Please Bring your Sun Glasses (Summer Time), Umbrella for Wintertime.

You will be picked up from your Kusadasi or Selcuk Hotels, or Kusadasi Marina. Then drive to Pamukkale, during your journey with your local tour guide will give you lots of information about Turkey such as climate, different regions in Turkey that hold the most wonderful historical places and all whilst standing in front of the Turkey Map as they will then pinpoint these certain places for you, to make it easier to follow the tour guides Turkey Map but also your local tour guide will hand you your Pamukkale map, Hierapolis Map, and a Turkey Map, to keep throughout your Pamukkale tour. The journey from Kusadasi to Pamukkale is 182km/113 mile, and will take around 2.30 hours but there shall be stop off-breaks along the way so you can stretch your legs and grab some refreshments. Be sure to keep watch out of the window as you are sure to see some of the most beautiful scenery along the way so keep your eyes peeled on the route.

White Terraces -Calcium Travertines

Pamukkale or ‘Cotton Castle’ when translated has been drawing tourists from all around the world to its thermal springs for more than 23 centuries. Pamukkale and Pamukkale Tours is one of the top Famous Turkey Trips. The Turkish name refers to the extraordinary surface of the snow-white cliffs, shaped over millennia by the accumulation of calcium deposited by mineral springs. Legend has it that the Cotton Castle formations are solidified cotton (the area’s principal crop) that was left out to dry by giants. Dripping slowly down a vast mountainside, mineral-rich water foams and collects in bowls that terrace the decline down the mountainside spilling over petrified cascades of stalactites into milky pools below. These saucer-shaped travertines (or terraces, as they’re also called) wind sideways down the powder-white mountain, providing a stunning contrast to the clear blue sky and green plain below. To protect the unique calcite surface, you are obliged to traverse the area barefoot. Although the terrace pools aren't particularly deep, you can get fully submerged if you want, don’t forget your towel! Don’t worry, if you don't have a bathing suit or towel, you can buy a Turkish Towel, Do not Forget is Cotton principal crop. As a nice suvinour, you can take away to your home.

You shouldn’t leave Pamukkale without having a healing dip in the sacred fountain of Cleopatra’s pool.

A swim in the effervescent waters of Cleopatra’s Pool should be at the top of any Turkey Travel Itinerary. Strewn about the bottom of the crystal-clear pool is an amazing collection of striated columns and capitals, a striking reminder of the pool's pedigree.

Cleopatra's Pool has warm clear fizzy water that bubbles from the source of the spring, but these days has now been blocked off to prevent divers from disappearing into its hidden depths. With temperatures of 35C, you can bathe in the natural thermal mud and waters and enjoy the curative effects (both medicinal and beauty) of the water, whıch had previously benefited the ancient Greek and Roman peoples for centuries. This curative water with its Thermo mineral and magnesium, calcium, carbon dioxide, sulfide, and bicarbonate is suitable in many areas as a curative treatment.

The nearby ancient Hierapolis and its accompanying museums may be overshadowed by the springs but are also fascinating and well worth the visit. 

After taking a walk along the terraces we will take a short walk to Hierapolis City, which is also known as ‘Holy City.’ Just outside the main entrance is the Necropolis (Graveyard), containing more than 1200 tombs and sarcophagi of people who wished to have been buried here. It was believed that the proximity of the hot springs and vapor-emitting cracks would ease their journey into the Underworld. Among the tombs lies the Martyrium which is an octagonal 5th-century edifice believed to have been erected upon the site where St. Philip was martyred in 80 CE.

The Hierapolis City Bath; the springs of Hierapolis were particularly popular among vacationing Romans. You will notice that carved into the side of the mountain is the monstrous Grand Theater that dominates the vista of Hierapolis At its height, the Grand Theatre could host 25.000 boisterous fans and is still largely intact until this day. It features a vast network of decorative elements from the 3rd century CE including a selection of ornately sculptured statues, columns, and arches amongst other decretive elements.

During Pamukkale Day Tour, you will have one hour of free break time to rest, take in the views, and of course, take some refreshments from the onsite cafeteria. You can use the provided Pamukkale Map and Hierapolis Map to visit other nearby sites in the allotted free time. The tour of Pamukkale will finish at around 17:00 and then you will be transferred back to your pick-up point about 21:00.

*Pamukkale Day Tour From Kusadasi & Selcuk documents with details and confirmations will be e-mailed to you after your booking.

*Private Pamukkale Tours run every day and is available all year round.

What’s Included?

  • Pick-up from Kusadasi & Selcuk
  • Transportation by a comfortable A.C. nonsmoking Luxurious Car/Van
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Entry fees to the sites and museums
  • Parking fees
  • Local taxes and service charges
  • Highway price
  • Drop-off to your Hotel

What’s Not Included?

  • Lunch and Drinks
  • On personal expenses
  • Tips to Guide and Driver
  • Swimming in Cleopatra's Pool

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