Budget Antalya Day Trip From Izmir By Bus

Budget Antalya Day Trip From Izmir By Bus


18 Hours





Pickup Point:

Izmir Hotels or Izmir Port


Antalya Kaleici (Old Town) and Old Port, The Hadrian's Gate, Karpuzkaldıran Waterfall, Duden Waterfall, Tunektepe Cable Car, Konya Alti Beach, Ataturk Statue and Republic square.

  • Per person 1 pax

    € 185
  • For 2 pax

    € ---
  • For 3 Pax

    € ---
  • For 4 to 8 Pax

    € ---

Budget Antalya Day Trip From Izmir By Bus

Antalya; is like a paradise in four seasons with its waterfalls, natural beaches, rich historical artifacts, and beautiful mountains. In another saying; It is the tourism capital of Turkey. Lara and Konya are among the main beaches on the coast of Antalya province. 

Just as there is no snow in Antalya, you can swim in the sea even in winter. In summer, it is possible to swim and ski at the ski resort in Sakli Kent simultaneously. Konyaalti beach to the city's east is pebble, while Lara beach to the west is sand.

Those who come on holiday can live to the fullest with the sea and sun during the day and entertainment at night. At night entertainment is held on the beaches, fires are lit on the beach, and fireworks are thrown. In addition to various competitions, music and dance are indispensable.


  • You will be picked up from your hotel in Izmir at around 21:00
  • Transfer to the Izmir Bus station. The bus will leave Izmir at 22:00 pm.
  • The bus will have three stops for breaks while en route for personal needs.
  • The Turkish buses have ample leg room and recline. An HD flat-screen monitor with, a USB charger that powers smart devices, and a headphone jack. Sometimes some bus has free wifi. Turkish buses will redefine your perspective of traveling via overnight long-distance buses. It is pretty decked out and styled!
  • Arrival at Antalya bus station at about 07:00 am, then the shuttle bus will take you to Antalya City center.
  • Full Day Antalya Group Tour starts at 09:00 between 09:30 am.
  • Antalya Tour end at about 16:00 between 17:00 pm.
  • Once the tour comes to end, transfer to Antalya Bus station. Night bus to Izmir at 21:00 pm. Arrive in Izmir 06:00-06:30 am.
  • Pick of From Hotel at 06:30 am
  • Antalya Kaleici (Old Town)and Old Port
  • The Hadrian's Gate
  • Karpuzkaldıran Waterfall
  • Duden Waterfall
  • Tunektepe Cable Car
  • Konya Alti Beach
  • Ataturk Statue and Republic square
  • On the way back to Izmir, we do not transfer to your hotel as there are changes in traffic, parking, and bus arrival times.
  • When you arrive in Izmir, you can take the free shuttle bus to Basmane, Konak, and Karsiyaka. The free shuttle service is provided by the local bus company, not by us therefore you can choose to take the shuttle bus to Konak.
  • Either way, these arrangements are your responsibility as we will not be making any transfer arrangements after your return to Izmir.

Antalya Kaleici (Old Town) and Old Port

Antalya Kaleici and its Old Port, Antalya's marina are inside the castle. Various excursions with yachts are organized here. The rainbow that forms around the sinkhole when it is poured into the sea is one of the beauties worth seeing. Kaleici is the place where the heart of Antalya beats. Smells like history. These structures, which are located in the protected area of ​​the state, allow them to be restored without damaging their historical texture. 

Recommended for those who want to get lost in the charming historical narrow streets of Kaleici, examine the historical houses with bougainvillea, and take beautiful pictures. While visiting the inside of the castle, its architecture and natural beauty will take you to the past. It is possible to see the wonderful love of nature with the sea here. 


Antalya province is an open-air museum. Wherever you look, one or more historical artifacts come across. While visiting Hadrian's Gate, Cumhuriyet Square, which is located on one of the mcity’s most important streets you can visit the Castle gate, Yivli minaret, Kesik Minare, Antalya's magnificent park, Kara Alioğlu Park, etc. you can see. According to the dates, the world's first United Republic was established in this city. The first settlers here were Turks and Eti, who migrated from Central Asia to the West. In ancient times it was called Pamphylia.

The Hadrian's Gate

Hadrian's Gate, with its three doors, unique structure, and magnificent magnificence, is a great work and brings people to the fullest emotions at night with lights. This gate is the gateway to Kaleici in Antalya. This is the heart of Antalya, it has a different historical spirit.

Enter Kaleici from here and feel that historical texture. Examine historical Greek houses, and Roman, Byzantine, and Seljuk buildings. You feel that spirit. This is a different Antalya. Among the top 5 things, you should see in Antalya.
It is a very beautiful and historical building built for the arrival of Emperor Hadrianus in Antalya. When you enter through the door, you can take a very pleasant walk to the marina.

Karpuzkaldıran Waterfall

The waterfall of Duden Waterfall pouring into the sea from the Lara coast of Antalya is a wonderful place of nature. In the spring, the waters increase, there are fish restaurants in the vicinity, there is a playground for children, and you can watch the waterfall from the sea with boat tours.

Boats can go up to the waterfall. It pours from a height of 40 meters. With the coolness and perfect nature of the water, it will cool you in a short time.

Duden Waterfall

Antalya is a magnificent city with everything and everywhere. Do you want to see heaven on earth? That heaven is here. Duden Falls is in the very center of the city and is a magnificent natural wonder. With the cascading waters around the green area, and caves, you can sit for hours and take thousands of photos.

Tunektepe Cable Car

You can reach Tunektepe with a short cable car ride. It offers you a magnificent view of Antalya. When Antalya is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is the bird's eye view.
This journey, which takes you to the highest peak of the slope overlooking the entire Antalya and Kemer road, offers a breathtaking view right next to the sea. Antalya seems to be under your feet.
The municipal facility above is very clean and the prices are average. This place will remind you how magical the city of Antalya is.

Konya Alti Beach

Konyaaltı Beach is one of the two important beaches of Antalya along with Lara Beach. To the West of the City Center, the 7-kilometer-long beach extending from the Cliffs of the Cliffs to the Antalya Harbor is Konyaaltı Beach. It is a Blue Flag Public Beach.
It is 4.5 Kilometers in Length, and 70 Meters Wide. Olbia, the port city used by the people of Thermossos who lived in the mountainous area in ancient times, is located on this beach.

I don't know how possible it is to find such a beautiful beach in the center of the city.
A world-famous beach with the Taurus Mountains on one side and the cliffs and city view on the other. It is beautiful in the winter, in the summer, in the morning, and in the evening.

Ataturk Statue and Republic square

Republic Square. All official ceremonies are held here. It is a very beautiful square. On the Kaleiçi marina, near the panoramic elevator. Drinking tea in the Tophane, on the viewing terrace. You can watch Kaleici and the marina.
Once the tour comes to end, transfer to Antalya Airport. A night flight to Izmir at 20:00 pm. Arrive in Izmir at 21:00 pm.

P.S. Please note that there will be a shopping possibility where you may have the chance to see and buy some special traditional & handmade souvenirs from Antalya where civilizations lived to make your visit unforgettable.
PS: If you wish, you can do an Extention for several nights in Antalya. Or you may request bus tickets or transfer service to Konya, Cappadocia, Kas, Kekova, Olympos, Marmaris, Gocek, Fethiye, and Kusadasi.
*Antalya Tour runs every day and is available all year round. Also, documents with details and confirmations will be e-mailed to you after your booking.

What’s Included?

  • Bus Tickets From Istanbul to Antalya- Antalya to Izmir
  • English-speaking tour guide during the tours
  • 1 Local Lunch (Vegetarian lunch option available upon request).
  • 4 Times Transfer Service in Izmir and Antalya.
  • Entrance fees mentioned in the itinerary
  • Local taxes and service charges

What’s Not Included?

  • Personal expenses and Gratuities
  • The Local Lunch and drinks (Vegetarian lunch option available upon request

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