5 Days Mediterranean Pearl Turkey Tour From Antalya to Fethiye

5 Days Mediterranean Pearl Turkey Tour From Antalya to Fethiye


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Phasalis, Cirali, Olympos, Demre, Kas, Sunken City, Kekova, Letoon, Xantos, Patara, Kastellorizo Greek Island, Fethiye


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5 Days Mediterranean Pearl Turkey Tour From Antalya to Fethiye

Mediterranean and Aegean Coast lines are among the most important regions of Turkey due to the abundance of natural beauties and historical places that host millions of tourists and travelers every year. With its deep blue beaches, wonderful holiday villages, impressive village areas, ancient cities, mountains, plains, and unique cultures, many people continue to adorn their dreams. On this tour, you will see untouched, little-known, hidden paradises, swim in crystal-colored seas, cool off in ice-cold waterfalls, and even relax and have fun with daily blue cruises.

  • Drive to Dudenn Waterfall; It takes about 40 minutes
  • Cable Car to Mt. Tahtali
  • Phasalis Ancient City
    • Agora
    • Grand Theatre
    • Military Harbour
    • Roman Bath
    • Commercial Harbour
    • Aquaducts
    • Hadrian Gate
  • After the local lunch
  • Olympos Ancient City
  • Swimming Time
  • Adrasan
  • Cirali
  • Yanartas at Night
  • The Church of St. Nicholas
  • Myra Ancient City
  • Boat Trip to Sunken City
  • Kekova Island
  • Simena Castle
  • Ucagiz Harbour
  • Overnight in Kas
  • Kastellorizo Greek Island Tour – Free time At leisure in Kas. Overnight in Kas
  • Patara Ruins and Patara National Park
    • Bouleuterion
    • The Amphitheatre
    • Lighthouse
    • Free time for swimming
    •  The archaeological twin sites Xanthos and Letoon have been on the list of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites since 1988.
  • Visit Letoon City and its Sunctuary
    • The temple of Apollo-The temple of Leto
    • The temple of Artemis
    •  Nymphaeum
  • Visit Xantos Ancient City
    • The Nereid Monument
    • Roman Acropolis
    • The Tomb of Payava
    • Lycian Acropolis
    • The Harpy Tomb
    • Theater
    • Agora
  • Overnight in Fethiye. End of our Service
  • Free day At leisure ( Optional One Day Boat Trip )

Early departure from the hotel to Duden Waterfall. A magnificent park built around the Upper Düden waterfalls. Trails and bridges take you down, across, and behind the water-carved gorge, and there are many beautiful photo spots after cooling your body temperature and walking by the waterfall. After that, we will continue to the Mountain of Tahtali (Mount. Olympos). We will take a Cable Car, The journey from the lower station at 726 m to the summit station at 2,365 m takes about 10 minutes. On the way to the top, you are almost enchanted by the cedar and pine trees, especially in winter; the snow on the cedar trees creates a beautiful view.

When you reach the summit, all the Lycian cities are under your feet. Ancient towns such as Olympos, Cirali, Adrasan, Phaselis, and the geography of Lycia invite you on a journey in history; these historical cities are valuable mythological stories of history; they are experienced. At the top of the mountain, the viewing terraces, which have a viewing angle of 360° all around, meet the landscape view and clear mountain air—a unique opportunity for those interested in history and photography. Then we will drive to Phasalis’ ancient ruins; Phaselis is in the Olympos region. It is by the sea and is the only city in history that gave a golden crown to Alexander the Great. Phaselis city theater, bath, temple, Hadrian's gate, and aqueducts are well preserved with its three harbors and a magnificent natural beach. A magnificent treasure from the depths of history, ancient city ruins and beaches are magnificent.

The excellent integration of history and the sea, the general cleanliness, and the extraordinary nature of the region are like a painting. The cleanness and clarity of the water will conquer your heart, with its windless blue water stretching out to other bays like a sheet.
Free time for swimming into the historical harbor of Phasalis. Then lunch break by the river Ulupinar.Then We will drive to Olympos Ancient City; Hephaestus, the god of fire, was worshipped at Olympos, and the ruins of his shrine may be seen nearby. The site of the flame was linked to the city by a paved Roman road. The first substantial buildings were erected here during the Christian period. There are the remains of a Byzantine basilica whose walls bear some traces of fresco—free time for swimming at Olympos Beach. In the evening, drive to Cirali overnight.

After the dinner, drive to Cirali, The Turkish name for Olympus is Yanartas, 'burning stone.' This refers to a natural phenomenon known in antiquity as the Chimaera on the mountainside to the N of the city. On a slope c 250m above sea level, perpetual flames flicker and burn in a grey, rocky area. Probably produced by methane gas, they can not be extinguished with water. A flame will disappear for a few minutes if covered with soil, only to rekindle itself nearby. At night the mysterious lights are visible far out to sea.

Unsurprisingly, the ancients believed this phenomenon to be of supernatural origin. They called it the Chimaera after the fire-breathing beast that, according to legend, terrorized ancient Lycia. This composite creature had a lion's head and front, a goat's middle, and a snake at the back. Bellerophon; was tasked with killing it by lobates, king of Lycia. He dropped lead into its mouth. These melted and choked it. Then drive to a hotel in Cirali, overnight in Cirali or Adrasan.

After breakfast, depart to Demre; we will visit the tomb of St. Nicholas and his church. St. Nicholas of Patara was a bishop here for a long time and lived in Myra in the 3rd century AD, one of Lycia’s largest cities and capital. The city of Myra, where the Church of St. Nicholas is located, became the capital of Lycia in the 5th century AD. Myra maintained its position as the capital city of the Lycian region from the 5th century to the end of the 14th century since it was where the famous saint of Orthodox Christians, Nikolaos was a bishop, died here, and his tomb was found here.

The renowned saint of the Christian world, Nicholas, was born in Patara and lived there until he became the bishop of Myra (Demre). Many stories about the life of Nicholas have survived. As Santa Claus, he distributed gifts to the children who became famous for the miracles he performed throughout his life. He became the patron saint of New York and Moskov with the name of Santa Klaus. He integrated with other reindeer legends in the Vikings and reached today's sleigh-riding Santa Claus type. In the 11th century, the Byzantine king and his wife showed particular interest and restored the destroyed church. And It was once fixed.

Then we will drive to Myra, just a few km to Demre. Myra Ancient City is not large but has quite beautiful craftsmanship. Ancient theater original. The theater has a capacity of 10 thousand people. Photography lovers will love this city. The Ancient City of Myra carried out the sea transportation and trade of the region. It has a history dating back to V. BC. Capital of Lycia. Demre is especially famous for its Lycian Period rock tombs, the most remarkable structure. They carved designs similar to the houses of the living people into the rocks for the dead: Roman theater Period and Byzantine Period St. Nicholas Church (Santa Claus).

Then we will drive to Ucagiz, For The Boat Trip to the Kekova Sunken City Tour. Because the boat tours are called Kekova Tour, the region that includes Ucagiz, Kalekoy, and Kekova Island is called Kekova. Kekova Island, which is a small and rocky island, is known as the Sunken City due to the city's ruins on its shores and under the sea. Swimming and anchoring are prohibited. While passing by boat, it is priceless to see the ruins of the Lycian port city of 2000 years ago. While visiting this place and watching the bottom of the sea, it is a beautiful feeling to know that it was once a city; you can see the stairs, roofs, structures, coffins, and doors on the surface, some under the water, and the visible stairs, potteries, and amphoras. It is lovely to swim alone or with your Family in unique bays. The magnificent scenery and the endless blue around you are priceless. You are resting in peace by passing through the underwater city. Then we will drive to Kas for overnight.

The ferry departs from Kas daily at 10 am and returns to Kas at 4:00 pm. This is the perfect time to have a leisurely day exploring the island. It takes less than one hour. At about (4.6 miles) and 12 km in area, it is a small island only (1.2 miles), 2 km south of Kas, Turkey.

Probably one of the highlights of your trip to turkey. You will take the ferry from Kas for the day to Kastellorizo/Meis. You will have free time to discover the island. Once you get past the charming harbor houses turned into cafes and a few boutique hotels, there isn’t an overwhelming list of sights to see on Kastellorizo. If you wish, you can book Daily Cruises on Kastellorizo Island, the only way to see the Blue Cave and visit St George Island. Visit Blue Cave, which is a magical place. Swimming in the azure blue water will be unique. You can take the boat inside the cave and do a little swimming. We will highly recommend taking this tour if you are in Kastellorizo. Overnight i Kas.

Patara is the old Lycian port city of Patara. Choked with sand and brush, Patara's imposing ruins lie isolated among a series of coastal hills. Until its harbor silted up, the city was the seat of the Roman governor to Lycia and the site of an oracle to Apollo. Given the size and unwieldiness of the site, most tourists are drawn instead to Patara's vast sandy beach. The Mettius Modestus's triumphal arch, built in 100 CE, rests on the right of the road to the beach. A cemetery with numerous sarcophagi surrounds the gate.

Along the path from the gateway to the sea lie the ruins of Roman baths, a Christian basilica, the Baths of Vespasian, and an ancient theatre. It has been magnificently restored. Patara parliament building welcomes you at the exit. The Parliament building; has also been tremendously restored. It has a more modern plan compared to today. It has a structure that draws people in. Then you go to Patara beach and swim in the sea. Free time at the Patara beach.

Then we will drive to Letoon; It is southwest of Xanthos are the ancient ruins of Letoon, which date from the Roman and early Byzantine periods. Myth is that Letoon, a Lycian religious sanctuary, was where the nymph Leto, mother of Zeus' children Artemis and Apollo, fled Hera's wrath. At the site, there are three temples dedicated to Leto, Apollo, and Artemis; a function hall; and a pool. Scholars hope that an inscription found on the Leto Temple in Lycian, Greek, and Aramaic will prove as valuable in deciphering Lycian as the Rosetta Stone was in decoding hieroglyphics. After the local lunch break by Xantos. Visit Xantos, The ancient Lycian capital of Xanthos.

Lycian rock tombs pepper this attractive site, perched above the Esen (formerly Xanthos) River. Unwilling to surrender during a revolt against the Persians, the Lycians gathered their women, children, and valuables into Xanthos for a final stand. They set the city on fire when all hope was lost and fought until their last soldier died. Years later, the Romans fortified Xanthos in return for its people's support during the Roman invasion of Anatolia; most of the ruins are from this period. Check out the Roman City Gate, dedicated to Emperor Vespasian, and the Roman Theater. You can see the Roman Acropolis's remains and a Byzantine church from the theater.

Nearby are the agora and a Byzantine basilica The Xanthian Obelisk near the agora bears an inscription that describes the Lycian-Athenian battles of the Peloponnesian Wars. At the end of the theater stands the 6th-century BCE Lycian Tomb of the Harpies, decorated with a plaster cast of the mythological creatures summoned to destroy invading armies. When the tour ends, we will drive to Fethiye. Overnight in Fethiye.

Free day At leisure ( Optional One Day Boat Trip )

PS: If you wish, you can do an Extention; you may stay a few days more in Antalya. Or you can add the Cappadocia tour to your program.

* Private four days Turkey Tour runs every day and is available all year round.
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P.S. Please note that there will be a shopping possibility where you may have the chance to see and buy some memorable traditional & handmade souvenirs from Aphrodisias, where civilizations lived to make your visit unforgettable

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  • English Speaking Guide
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  • Parking fees
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  • Highway price
  • Drop-off to your Hotel

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