1 Day Aspendos Perge Side Tour

1 Day Aspendos Perge Side Tour







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Aspendos, Perge, Side


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1 Day Aspendos Perge Side Tour

With a daily tour from Antalya, you will visit the best preserved Aspendos theater of Turkey, and the world and ancient Greek cities such as Perge, Aspendos, and Side, which are well maintained. There are private tours or group tours from Antalya every day of the week. In short, the name of this tour is "PAS," that is, the Perge, Aspedos, and Side tour. Our first visit is to the ancient city of Perge. It is very close to Antalya; visit the magnificent Main Street, the Hellenistic monumental gate, baths, fountains, temples, a well-preserved theater, and a stadium; we will head toward Aspendos. We will have a lunch break by the riverside.

Then visit Aspendos Theater, an entirely vertical structure; The stage building, orchestra area, and 20,000 rows of seats are well preserved. We got to see and hear the superb acoustics. You will also be amazed by the aqueducts and the Seljuk period bridge in Aspendos. Melting glaciers and snow in the Taurus Mountains flow into Antalya Bay, forming many waterfalls. While flowing, we will stop for a photo and tea and coffee breaks. We also visit one of the Manavgat or Kurşunlu waterfalls during our tour. Our last visit is to the ancient city of Side.

Standing with its magnificence dominating the vast blue of the Mediterranean, Side's Apollon temple and theater will impress you. If we have time, we will try to match you with the sunset: perhaps the most beautiful place in the world where the sun sets is Side.


  • Visit Perge Ancient Site
    • Theater
    • Stadium
    • Roman Gate
    • Roman Bath
    • Hellenistic Gate (Oval Courtyard and round tower)
    • Main City Gate
    • West City Gate
    • East City Gate
    • Adriatic Period Jewelry Arch
    • Demetrius-Apollonius Jewelry Arch
    • The Macellum/Agora
    • Nymphaeum
    • Tetraconchh (4 Shells-Churches)
    • Propylon (Gateway)
    • South Bath
    • North-South Colummed Street
    • Acropolis of The City
    • Necropolis of the city
  • Drive to Aspendos Theater and Aspendos Aquaducts
    • Aspendos Theater
    • Aspendos Aquaducts
    • Basilica
    • Euromedon Bridge
  • After a lunch break, we will drive to Side.
    • Side Amphitheater
    • The Temple of Apollo
    • Free time at Leisure in Side
    • Manavgat Waterfall
  • Drive back to Antalya-Drop off at Antalya airport or Hotel

Our tour starts in the morning by picking you up from your hotel. This tour runs from 08:00 to 17:00. From the extensive remains of ancient Perge (16km from Antalya), it is easy to imagine what life must have been like in this prosperous town of over 100,000 inhabitants.

Greek heroes supposedly founded the city after the Trojan War. Still, it earned its place in history when it sided with the omnipotent boy wonder Alexander the Great. The stadium, which seated a crowd of 12,000, has a wall at the far end meant to protect spectators during the wild beast fights here. Against the opposite hill, an impressive theater features finely rendered reliefs of Dionysus.

Entering through the Roman gate, you'll see a large agora (marketplace) to your right. Up ahead, two imposing Hellenistic towers mark the beginning of the long colonnaded avenue leading to the nymphaeum. In ancient times, water flowed from here into a fountain that flowed the length of the Street.

After our Perge tour, we go to Aspendos Ancient City and Aspendos Theatre. After a 35-minute journey, we arrive in Aspendos. The Aspendos Theater is the only one of all the ancient theaters that have survived completely. The theater is at the top of the UNESCO list in Turkey. Aspendos is the third largest city of Pamphylia after Antalya-Perge. The population is around 30,000. It was founded in 800 BC. Aspendos Theater; is located on the region's slope of a small hill. The building; was designed by Zenon and dedicated to the gods and emperors of the period.

This magnificent theater, which draws attention with its splendid acoustics, has a capacity of 15-20 thousand people. The most famous structure of the ancient city, where many of its construction have survived, the ancient theater with a capacity of 12 thousand, is among the oldest examples of the stages that have survived to the present day. Side's History dates back to the 7th century B.C. Side was founded by the Kymers living in Western Anatolia.

The ancient city was Pamphylia’s most important port city at that time. The old theatre, the temple of Apollo, the city gate, the bath, the walls, the port, the necropolis, the agora, and the Vespasianus fountain are the essential historical structures of the city. With a capacity of approximately 15,000 people, the ancient theater is a complete work of art. Side amphitheater is in the top 10 again with Aspendos-Perge-Patara-Efes-Milet. Among the ancient cities such as Perge-Ephesus-Kbyra-Milet-Nysa-Patara, Turkey is among the top 10.

After completing to Side tour, we will drive back to Antalya. On the way, we will stop at Manavgat Waterfall. After resting and cooling down with the unique nature view and the sound of the waterfall that takes your eyes and makes your ears and soul therapy, you will be dropped off at the Antalya hotel or airport.

PS: If you wish, you can do an Extention; you may stay a few days more in Antalya. Or you can add the Cappadocia, Alanya tour to your program.

* Private PAS Tour runs every day and is available all year round.
* The documents with details and confirmations will be e-mailed after booking.

P.S. Please note that there will be a shopping possibility where you may have the chance to see and buy some special traditional & handmade souvenirs from Antalya where civilizations lived to make your visit unforgettable.

What’s Included?

  • Pick-up from Antalya Hotels
  • Transportation by a comfortable AC, nonsmoking Luxurious Car/Van
  • English Speaking Guide
  • Entry fees to the sites and museums
  • Parking fees
  • Local taxes and service charges
  • Highway price
  • Drop-off to your Hotel

What’s Not Included?

  • Lunch and Drinks
  • On personal expenses
  • Tips to Guide and Driver

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